Blogging at last!

Mummyhood has helped me discover a new superpower.

What could it be? I hear you ask.

Multi-tasking? Lightning reflexes? A sixth sense for when your child is in danger? 

Nope. None of the above.

It is the enhanced art of procrastination. I can now put off – almost indefinitely – all but the most essential tasks (which in my defence have, of late, included such trifling matters as ‘keeping your baby alive’) .  But that aside, I can now dilly-dally for Britain.

Everyone warned me not to make grand plans for maternity leave projects…we’ve all heard mums-to-be wax lyrical about how they’re going to learn Spanish, write a novel, start a business etc…

(For my part, having established I’d be living in Taiwan, I was going to learn Mandarin among other goals – cue much post-natal guffawing from wiser, experienced mums)

But when I discovered I’d be spending an extended maternity leave living abroad,it didn’t seem too unrealistic to write a blog about my globetrotting tot and our adventures together.

Said tot is now 9 months old.

After all, why procrastinate today when you can put it off til tomorrow?

Well at long last, I have begun. There are a few backdated posts to come – jottings from my time in Taiwan which I did manage to write as we went along. But here’s hoping it isn’t another 9 months til we hear the pitter-patter of tiny fingers on this keyboard.


We have all the time in the world…

(Ioan and Mummy at a temple in Tainan, Taiwan)


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